Topic: If Nassi is wrong, how do you explain why 1000’s of older.

Nassi claims that the reason why there are so many older single girls relative to boys is due to the age gap of 19 to 22 when dating begins. There are more 19-year-olds than 22-year-olds.

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Avodah V6 #121 - The AishDas Society Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 16:22:25 -0500 From: Ralph Frankel Subject: Gito v'Yado According to Rav Amiel, which I believe is amita shel torah, usually when halacha requires a cause and effect (or a sibah and mesovev) it is required that they occur synchronously - they cannot occur simultaneously.

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Update: Exclusive – Shidduch List with Over 150 Names of. [Important updated note below.] Monday, May 25: A shidduch list released by an individual with the intent to help solve the shidduch crisis has caused somewhat of a crisis on its own. The list, released by a girl in the parsha of shidduchim, contains over 150 names of bochurim over the age of 25 and.

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Tannersville (and Hunter) NY Kosher Jewish Vacation. Kosher food is limited to Tannersville where the much larger Jewish community exists. There are now not one, but two kosher supermarkets. You can find an interesting assortment in these supermarkets, both just off the main street.

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Only Simchas | This is Jewish Life Please take 27 seconds to read this (and watch the video). Thank you so so much for your ongoing support! Please share with your friends &...

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Vacationing as a Jew - Summer is here and just like our non Jewish neighbors, we too like to vacation. But unlike our non Jewish neighbors, at some point we will be stuck in a hotel or the wilderness on Shabbat, and we will be totally unprepared.